About Our Team

Friends of Los Niños is a completely volunteer based non-profit organization. Our team is made up of dedicated volunteers committed to making a difference in the life of a struggling child in Honduras.

Geralyn Kaminsky

Founder & Chairman of the Board

Geralyn first traveled to Honduras as a missionary in 1999.  Her spirit soared as she fell in love with the children of Honduras.  She continued to travel on mission trips, and ultimately lived in Honduras for a year, establishing connections and relationships which Friends of Los Ninos continues to build on today.  Professionally, Geralyn has previously run her own business and is currently an Executive Director for a large non-profit program in the Dallas, Texas area.

"For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me. . . Amen, I say to you, whatever you did for one of these brothers of mine you did for me.” (Matthew 25: 35-40) We may be His hands and feet to those in Honduras and they are certainly His Joy and His Spirit to us. What an awesome blessing to have these relationships."

Katrina Villarreal


Katrina made her first mission trip to Honduras in 2003.  Unsure what to expect on this first trip, Katrina was amazed by the joyous and welcoming spirit of all she met.  She felt called to return and continue to develop relationships with the people in this community.  Katrina has lead over 40 Mission teams to Honduras and enjoys the call of sharing this experience with others. Professionally, Katrina leads the Global Operations for a large professional consulting firm and has lived and worked in multiple countries.

"I see the joy of Christ in the eyes of each child & in each family we serve in Honduras.  We are blessed to be a part of their lives, even for a short time."

Annemarie Napoli


When he traveled to El Progreso to visit the children of COPPROME, Annemarie’s father used to write beautiful letters to his family in the U.S.  His involvement with Friends of Los Niños was what drew Annemarie to make her first trip with him in 2012.  She has returned many times since then.  She and her husband currently sponsor two boys at COPPROME and two in the village of Brisas del Salto. Professionally, she is a technical writer and supports a licensing agency for the State of Texas.


"It’s exciting to hear the children discuss their own futures.  Over the years, the understanding they have of their role in this world has become more clear and more hopeful.  I have seen them empowered over time in the most amazing way.  It’s difficult to measure but so gratifying to see.  It is the support people give through Friends of los Niños that has made it possible"
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