Brisas del Salto land rights

We have BIG GOALS to meet for Brisas del Salto!


The Brisas del Salto community is striving towards getting the rights to their land. For this community in Honduras, it cost approximately $210 for each family to have a deed to property where they live. 

We are excited to say that we have a donor willing to match up to $6,000. This is our goal… To give these families security and stability in their homes to build a better community!




We are so proud of our Brisas del Salto community. They have a great community Board of Directors who are always striving to protect the community. Once the land rights are given, the land can only be passed down to family members and never sold to people outside of community, without Board approval. This community works hard to grow together and it’s a beautiful thing to witness.

We have over 280 families living in Brisas del Salto. So far, 59 families have been able to pay. Other cases are putting in 25 days worth of sweat equity whether it’s a father working on the roads in community or the mother helping the children in their local community school. We have 26 special cases that will not be able to pay for land rights because adult development disabilities, are elderly or single parent who has a child with disabilities. 




These families are ready to have their land rights so they can improve their way of living and know they are secure in their land.

If you’d like to donate to help, please go to and make a one time donation.


Thank you so much!

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