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The Padrino Program


Our unique sponsorship program allows our sponsors, also called “Padrinos” (Godparents), to develop a personal connection with a child from the Copprome orphanage while providing basic needs like food, water, housing, clothing and education. The Padrino sponsorship program is available at three monetary levels of engagement. Our goal is to have each child sponsored at $100 per month to support their needs at COPPROME.

With each level of sponsorship, a sponsor will receive two letters from their sponsored child (or their caregiver, if too young) each year. Sponsors are encouraged to send us a photo of themselves or their family that can be sent to the child, so they get to know their Padrino, as well. Every sponsor is offered to join us on a Mission Experience to meet the child they are sponsoring.

The path out of poverty is through education & support. Make a difference in the life of child, by sponsoring a child today!

Children Available for Sponsorship

Looking for a specific child to sponsor? Use the filters to sort by Gender, Age or All.  Our sincere thanks to Alex Wolf Photography who gifted us with the beautiful pictures of each child.



9 Years Old

Fourth Grade

Darwin is in constant motion. 

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