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Brisas del Salto Housing Project

Friends of Los Niños has launched a very ambitious project – building solid homes for an entire village!

Honduras and the village of Brisas del Salto have suffered enormously from the COVID-19 pandemic and, very recently, from two intense hurricanes that struck during a two week period. The destruction endured by Las Brisas has been devastating. Many of the homes there have been destroyed or severely damaged.

The homes that are still standing are constructed with corrugated metal and wooden boards of all types. Inside the homes, the dirt floors turn to mud when it rains. Many homes are too small to adequately accommodate all family members comfortably. Under the best of circumstances, living in Brisas del Salto is difficult and, more importantly, unhealthy.

After careful consideration, FOLN has put forth efforts toward rectifying a problem that has existed for some time. Welcome Home is a new FOLN project that is taking on the challenge of building 193 cinderblock homes for the families of Brisas del Salto. We are already working to define the schedule and are making arrangements with Honduran suppliers and local laborers. In this way we are not only providing homes, but supporting the local economy through local purchasing and labor.

FOLN is very excited about this project, which we know will greatly improve the lives of over 1000 Brisas del Salto residents.

Who are the Beneficiaries?

The current population of Brisas del Salto stands at 1107 and continues to grow. This village, located on the outskirts of the city of El Progreso, is a community consisting of the following:

  • 193 families
  • 205 men
  • 284 women
  • 618 children

In addition:

  • 23 of the households include elderly family members.
  • 8 families include a child with special needs.
  • 15 of the women are single mothers.

The goal of Welcome Home is....

… to build homes for the families of Brisas del Salto. The conditions under which they live definitely justify this effort.

As a result of the damage caused by the hurricanes, families have moved to temporary shelters that are made bearable only by their hope that one day soon they will be blessed with something that they have been constantly praying for: A HOME. They are not praying for anything special; they simply pray for a home that will protect them from the weather and provide adequate space for their families.

Home Construction and Specifications

Project Schedule

The first two homes will be constructed during the first quarter of 2021. Based on the pace of construction and feedback from the families, adjustments to the plan will be made as necessary. A full schedule will then be put into place. Our goal is to have all homes completed by June 2022.


Your Personal Involvement

Knowing full well that you are currently supporting COPPROME and Brisas del Salto through our sponsorship program or in some other capacity, we are gratefully in your debt. We also understand that you may be supporting other worthy causes. As such, we would request that you, in accordance with your overall charitable commitments, thoughtfully consider contributing to the Welcome Home project. We as a team can wonderfully impact the lives of over a 1000 people who need our help so much.

Should you have any questions regarding Welcome Home, please contact:
Frank Napoli (Project Coordinator) at folnwelcomehome@yahoo.com

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