It’s your time to shine, Padrinos!

Padrino /pəˈdrēnō/ (n) – Godfather, sponsor

Madrina /məˈdriːnə/ (n) – Godmother, sponsor

Padrinos (n) – sponsor

Since COVID-19, we are not able to raise awareness for sponsorships with Friends of Los Niños this summer. This Padrino Highlight is a special way to share your story on your journey of being a Padrino. We will love to share your experience on our social media outlets.  

Hello. I’m Alex. I have been a Madrina to Sindy (in photo above, to the left) since November 2015. Her brother Marvin (in photo above, to the right) is fortunately fully sponsored through Friends of Los Niños but if he wasn’t, I would be his Madrina too. (: These two bring me so much happiness! The photo below sits right next to my dining table and I say a prayer for them every time I notice the photo.

I have many memories with Sindy but I will give you my top two:

I never took for granted the days I spent with Sindy and Marvin. November 2015, we were in a van in Honduras traveling six hours to provide provisions to a village in the mountains. A couple of children from COPPROME orphanage were allowed to join us which included Sindy and Marvin. I got to know the two of them so much on that six hour travel. I had Marvin using me as a human pillow or if he was awake, he would be sticking his head out the window waving at all the cars passing by. Sindy sat behind me with her arm wrapped around me the whole ride. This trip is when I decided to sponsor Sindy because of the way she loves her brother so well and we all know that a young girl needs to know someone loves her too. And of course, I love her like my own.

Two years later in November 2017, Sindy and I were at COPPROME orphanage. She mentioned to me that she wants to be a chief when she grows up. Without hesitation, she brought me into the kitchen and started to cook a Honduran snack for herself and me. Nothing is more special than seeing a teenager sharing their passion with you. She was beaming with so much joy!

Sponsorships truly builds such beautiful relationships.

I’m so thankful to be apart of the Friends of Los Niños padrino program.



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