It’s your time to shine, Padrinos!

Padrino /pəˈdrēnō/ (n) – Godfather, sponsor

Madrina /məˈdriːnə/ (n) – Godmother, sponsor

Padrinos (n) – sponsor

Since COVID-19, we are not able to raise awareness for sponsorships with Friends of Los Niños this summer. This Padrino Highlight is a special way to share your story on your journey of being a Padrino. We will love to share your experience on our social media outlets.  


Hi. My name is Cyndi.

My husband Rob and I have been Padrinos to Nayeli and Diana Carolina in the Village of Brisas del Salto since 2017. It was after that we added Steven. The number 1 goal for the village was to educate their children. To now see the kids in their school uniforms and so eager to learn is beautiful! When I get letters from Nayeli and Diana Carolina, they keep me updated on how they are doing in school, and how appreciative they are for my husband and me.

The first time I met Steven, before I started sponsoring him, we were in the school room.  He and some of the younger children were coloring. He brought his colored picture up to me and gave it to me. About 10 seconds later, he came up to me, retrieved the picture, took it back, added more color and brought it back. He did this about 3 times.  He was so proud of himself. At that point, he won my heart and I decided my husband and I would sponsor him.

In 2018, my husband and I became Padrinos to Edwin and Leonel, who live at COPPROME Orphanage.  More blessings!  We look forward to every Facetime, Zoom meeting, or an actual Mission Trip visit. Just a few quotes from their letters:

“Godparents, I thank God for you and I live at my home, COPPROME. I love Friends of Los Ninos and You”. 

“God parents, I have all I need in order to get ahead. I am grateful for you to keep an eye on me.”

I refer to all the children and administrators at Brisas and COPPROME as my Honduran Family.

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