It’s your time to shine, Padrinos!

Padrino /pəˈdrēnō/ (n) – Godfather, sponsor

Madrina /məˈdriːnə/ (n) – Godmother, sponsor

Padrinos (n) – sponsor

Since COVID-19, we are not able to raise awareness for sponsorships with Friends of Los Niños this summer. This Padrino Highlight is a special way to share your story on your journey of being a Padrino. We will love to share your experience on our social media outlets.  


We’d like to introduce Melissa Garcia, a special person and loving Madrina.

Melissa has been a Madrina since 2015, when she first visited El Progreso with a mission group.  When we asked her what she might say to someone considering becoming a Padrino, she offered, “I dare you not to fall in love, you won’t be able to help it… these are God’s children.  They are smart, they are loving, they work hard and they take care of one another as siblings.” 

Here is Melissa’s story…

I realized during that first trip how truly and abundantly blessed I am. Seeing true poverty for the first time was shocking and made me really reflect on what I could do to help with the resources I have available. But it was the pure joy and love that I saw in Alex and Jafet that made me fall in love with them.

I began sponsoring Abner and Rachael in November 2018.  Rachael is a little spit fire and totally adorable. Abner, on the other hand, was very quiet and I felt pulled to protect him and have him know someone had his back… he had just arrived at COPPROME and was very shy and apprehensive at that time.  My mother sponsors Litzy, you only need to look at her angelic face to see God’s light. What I love about being a Madrina is knowing that I am making a difference in the children’s lives now and in their future.  It fills my heart with joy and thanksgiving – seeing their faces, their smiles and the love they share with me on our Zoom calls and in their letters is priceless!

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