Thank you for supporting our programs in Honduras! Below is a wish list for the orphanage and local programs we support. Please consider making a donation to support in one of these areas!  When selecting an item on the Wish List, please note in the comment section of your donation which item you have selected.  One time or recurring donations accepted towards the costs of these items.  Thank you for making a wish come true!


  • 25 Wooden Clothes Chests
  • FILLED!     Paint for Children’s Dormitories (Bedrooms)
  • FILLED!     2 large Dry Erase Boards for Outreach Tutoring Centers
  • FILLED!     Lawn Mower (Large Area)
  • Seating for Common Area
  • FILLED!     School Supplies
  • Health Insurance for COPPROME staff
  • Vitamins for a family for 1 year (240 families)
  • Registration of land to each family in Brisas Village
  • FILLED!     Transportation to Sunday Mass and Religious Education classes
  • 30 Student Desks for outreach tutoring centers
  • Guard for tutoring center for the safety of children and teachers
  • Drinking Water for the tutoring centers
  • Food for COPPROME
  • FILLED!  New roof for COPPROME Guard House
  • Sun shade for the play area at COPPROME
  • 3 New Computers for COPPROME
  • Industrial fans (5 needed)
  • $300 per Chest
  • $1500 total
  • $50 each
  • $1000
  • $500 (2 sofas)
  • $15/child  (50 children are in need)
  • $1300/Month
  • $30/year
  • $250/family ($35k village) URGENT need for 7 special needs families
  • $25 per week ($1300 per year)
  • $35 per desk ($1050 for project)
  • $300 per month ($3600 per year)
  • $25 per month per tutoring center ($600 per year)
  • $500 per month ($6000 per year)
  • $1200
  • $300
  • $2500
  • $200 per fan ($1000 total)

Thank you for making a wish come true today!

Whether it is blessing a community with clean drinking water, putting a roof over a families head, or providing shoes or school supplies, granting a wish from this list is helping to change the lives of children in Honduras forever!  Thank you for your support.





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