The Joy We Encounter…

A short reflection about the joy shown by the people we serve!

One of our Lord Jesus Christ’s most quoted teachings are The Beatitudes. I have always understood these Beatitudes as a lifestyle and on this experience at Honduras I was able to see this lifestyle come to life.

“Blessed are you who are poor, blessed are you who are now hungry, blessed are you who now are weeping!” (Lk 6:20,ss) We encounter a lot of poverty, a lot of needs. That is a fact! Humble communities, humble houses, humble people, but most of all we encounter humble hearts. In the midst of their lack of material goods, even of food, the people I encountered were happy, not just happy, they were rejoicing and overflowing with praises to Lord. The way they show how much they love our Lord and how much they trusted in Him that He will always provide for their needs, how they were able to be satisfied and grateful with the simple things we bought, how no one even complain about the size of their clothes or shoes, or anything else…
To sum it up, I can say that this experience was a lively testimony of the Gospel of Christ for they were a living example of what the Beatitudes are talking about. In my opinion, they are an example to follow for they definitely are a true testimony and a living proof of Christ’s affirmation: “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” Fr. Ivan (November 2015 Missionary)
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